Happy Clients Living Their Light

Deborah Scarborough

Yoga Therapist, Reiki Master, Incline Village, NV

I have been receiving sessions from Eileen and Akasha for about 15 years now (since 2001). Over the years I have had many life challenges, self -doubt, big changes, and cloudy times when important choices needed to be made. The information and tools Eileen has given me have allowed me to move through these turbulent times and deal with them with clarity and confidence. I really utilize the tools and feel empowered as I experience profound transformation with every session. I often feel supported and encouraged that I am on the right track and living in my highest purpose which is always inspiring and energizing. After my sessions, I feel light and balanced to live joyfully and centered with a clear path.  Eileen provides a safe place for me to get to know myself on a deeper level!  She is a gifted channel and intuitive, and all around great life design coach.  I have learned how to align my creative actions with my powerful intentions, and to allow my life to prosper.  I truly enjoy experiencing my own inner transformation and Eileen pins me down energetically every time and then finds my window for me to set myself free.

Karen Gates

Keys To Be You, Health & Nutrition Coach, Conscious Cooking Chef, Reno Nevada

My sessions with Eileen are truly a profound experiences.  I was a bit of a skeptic at first, but the channeled and intuitive information was so clearly what I had been feeling in my heart for a long time, but afraid to act on.  These feelings I had not discussed with anyone.  Eileen expressed to me that I needed to live a life that is emotionally congruent, and to make choices from a fearless place.  My tendency is to make life decisions by what I “should” do, especially in these economic times that are based in lack or fear.  Through this centering and support, I have shifted my perceptions and allowed the passion from my heart to come out.  It is not always an easy journey, but I know that Eileen will be there with trusted guidance for me along the way..

Michele Tsihlas

Yoga Therapist-Personal Trainer-Wellness Coach, Sacramento, CA

Eileen is deeply insightful and has a way of adding value to every session and interaction I have encountered with her. Her straightforward, compassion and light-heartedness guides in the direction of my highest potential infusing joy into each reading, Eileen gracefully empowers me to vibrate higher and to find my truth, empowering me to my greatest creative energy. 

Tracy Collins

Mind-Body Workout personal trainer and MFCC, Portland, ME

Always the right reflection and energy balancing at the right time.  Eileen brought me deeper into my inner strength and guided me to embrace all the potentialities of my centered self, which can oftentimes be forgotten with all of life's distractions...  The channeled sessions bring together a number of seemingly disconnected things in my life and provide me with the aha! moment I need to manifest things to the next level.

My take-away is mostly a commitment to allow the messages and techniques from the session to guide me  back to my higher self whenever I feel pulled off center...using the practical and insightful tools that Eileen shows me.  The enLightening Bolts!  are tremendously helpful!  Right there when I need it, in the moment!  It's so great to have a life coach on-call for me!  :)

I will definitely recommend Eileen's channeled light coaching to others and I will continue  regular tune-ups...my readings are becoming a regular part of my self-care routine.

Hollee Cummings

Anti-Aging & Wellness Warrior, Facia Lab Tahoe, Incline Village, NV

Eileen is a joy to work with. She is passionate about healing and energy coaching. I have experienced personal transformations beyond my expectations each time we have coached and I've met Akasha. I trust her for my referrals and highly endorse her skills..

Martien Bakens

Photographer-Writer-Aromatherapist at Beacons Of Love, Atascadero, CA

Eileen is has such compassion, integrity and intuitive insight, who is able to assist her clients in transforming their life to align with their higher purpose. Her professional yet personal approach allows and helps people choosing and needing guidance with a new direction in life.

Elizabeth England

co-host/producer, Los Angeles, CA

Eileen is a Wisdom Keeper, with a powerful intuitive channeling gift to nurture inner transformation and clarity. Her work with me was valuable and served me very well to move into a new level of my personal and business growth.

Susan McWilliam Warren

Campus Director of Career Services, Author, Colorado Springs, CO

Eileen Mary is an excellent Life & Career Coach - she provides insight and direction with focused determination, but with a freedom of generosity of spirit. Akasha is full of spot on insight, humor and practicality.

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